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Snap a photo, Boomerang, GIF for video then view it instantly on the live gallery or share with email and text.



Boomerang works by taking a super short, super fast burst of photos and combining them together into a mini video that is looped forward and backwards and forward and backwards and repeats this sequence. this is the latest trend that our software can do as seen in the photo!


Posing against a Elegant backdrop your guest will take 4 consecutive photos by our social booth and Immediately the photos are turned into a mini-movie (an animated GIF). your guest can then email, text, send to social media this GIF to themselves right from the social booth, you can also pick as many backgrounds as you would like.

Digital Props

The software in our Social Booth has changed the game, No need for props anymore the software is installed with digital props like flashing glasses, afro wig, fancy hats,  and much more, This software analyzes images of individuals and places the props on everyone in the photo.